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If a person has a broad forehead and takes the form of, a crescent, he was born of poor parents but is sure to be rich.

If a prominent single vein or mark extends from the nose to the top of the forehead the person is born to immense wealth. If there are many similarly placed the person is very vicious.

If the forehead is narrow he is a great miser.

If there be three furrows going across the head he is likely to live a long life, especially if they go over the eyes.

If there be four such lines the person will be a commander or great potentate and live a very long time.

Many indistinct lines on the forehead denote lewd persons.

If there be any marks in the middle of the fore- head and they take the form of a crescent " , the person will be very prosperous and fortunate. 

The Arms 

If her arms are very long she will be renowned and well-to-do. Short-armed persons generally remain poor.

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